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Xcentric is the very first demo production from The Xperience and has been released on 1st of April, 1995. The design of this project included two different aims: the creation of a second-generation-design-2D-demo (sgd2dd) as common on the Amiga that time (1993/94) as well as maximal use of the ARM 2 processing power. Obviously, we missed the first aim, as the fixed colours of those computers made a real outstanding design very hard, if not impossible at all, but managed to produce a true demo on Acorn machines. Xcentric broke several records and included, like all our projects, a little bonus part (Phonology contains a secret song instead).

However, Xcentric is really meant to run on an old-style Archimedes (with ARM2 fitted) and doesn't benefit from faster processors! Delayed in design and release, Xcentric has never truly been legis arte. The Xperience apologizes to all demö freaks for this outdated demö.
Please note that Xcentric is not StrongARM-compatible!

Xcentric requires an Archimedes computer with ARM2, MEMC1a and 2 MB of RAM. It will run on other configurations, e.g. with a VGA monitor, but will look far from optimal then.

Xcentric is no longer availabe from this site.

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