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The Xperience is a team of currently six artists from Finland and Germany, who concentrate on creating a special type of demos, namely digital art, for the Acorn RiscPC platform. Our products are designed to serve as examples and therefore have to fulfil high quality standards both in aspects of user-friendliness and coolness.

This site offers some general and background information about The Xperience, the team members, our projects and services as well as the possibility to download our releases. Please note that our products require Acorn RiscPCs and won't run on standard Intel-compatible machines.
If you are new to the digital art scene and don't yet feel familiar with certain scene terms, don't worry - read our introduction about demos.
For more, detailed information, please refer to our link-page, which has links to some excellent demo-related WWW-sites.

As some visitors had had problems with the frames used in previous versions of this site, the current pages utilise basic techniques only. We hope that you don't have any problems with this site. Enjoy..

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