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Phonology is the first - and only - music disc for your Acorn RiscPC. Designed to be timeless, Phonology completely redefined the common concept of its genre and is far more than only a worthy illustration of legis arte. This album contains the musics Crystal Parasites, Doom! and he cums, Ivory Tears, Liquid Colours, Nullspace, Reinforcement, the title track Phonology, the end theme Rising, and, as a bonus, MegaMines of Moria. These nine tracks total to over 2MB full of music!

Phonology requires a Risc PC with at least 4MB of RAM, 1MB of VRAM and a multiscan monitor.
You can customize Phonology in some aspects; to do this, have a look at the application PhonoCfg inside the Phonology-application directory! There you can also activate the decoder!

Phonology has been designed in the summer of 1995 and was nearly completed in November. Due to lack of time, however, some misfeatures in RISC OS, which were not quite easy to work around, and excessive checking of StrongARM-compatibility, the release of Phonology has been delayed for more than one year! The Xperience apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

Phonology is available in two parts:

  • Part 1 [780 K] and
  • Part 2 [1300 K].
  • These archives have been ZIPped and can be decompressed with e.g. SparkPlug. Just decompress both parts into the same directory.

    © Xperience Media Arts, 1997