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Other productions

Apart from the regular productions, The Xperience has produced some little utilities mainly to help creating demös. Here are some of them:

This application displays sprites that are dragged to its iconbar-icon in full-screen-mode. Nice to see what the picture will look like during the demo!
It's also good to have ImageFS.
This little CLI-program calculates the "best" palette for a given (e.g. TrueColour-) sprite. You can specify a maximum number of colours to be used in the resulting sprite. Also, Floyd-Steinberg error-spreading is supported.
This is a nice frontend to the RISC OS port of PGP (version 2.6.2i and 2.6.3i). It offers you easy and pleasant access to all major features of the PGP encryption program, but is neither bug-tested nor really finished.

If you are interested in any of these, please contact The Xperience!

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