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Legis arte: The edge of consequence?

The Xperience is developing its next generation of software bearing the leitmotif legis arte in mind. This might be confusing at first sight - lege artis (thus by the law of art) would be the correct phrase, wouldn't it? But now it's by the art of law. How can this puzzle be solved?
In fact, lege artis is a major concern of The Xperience, but unfortunately not fitting with its meaning phonetically. Consequentely, some syllables have been swapped; now, legis arte meets the law of art.
Is this action acceptable? Is it comprehensible? Isn't it contradictory?
No, it isn't, since legis arte characterises very well the ordinary weekday of Xperience. Applying it to its form would yield lege artis again, and in the field of tension between these two statements lies the birthplace of real demös.

legis arte.

© Xperience Media Arts, 1997