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The Xperience Design Iconset

This Iconset has been created to improve the poor visual appearance of the standard RISC OS desktop.
In addition to a core of completely new designed ones, there are many variations of common RISC OS icons, adapted to the basic style of this set.

These icons are for private use only and may be copied as long as:

Any commercial use (e.g. the utilisation on commercial presentations), as well as publication on disks, CD-ROM, internet servers, etc., must be authorized by Xperience Media Arts.

In this context, the AddSprite-utility is very useful; it prevents iconsprites from being loaded if there are already sprites with that names loaded. It should be available somewhere at DoggySoft's.

Download the Xperience Design Iconset [168K, Risc OS only].

Additional resources

The Xperience Design Iconset usually contains symbols of size 36x36 pixels. The set will eventually be available in 34x34 also.

Download a preview of the Xperience Design Iconset in 34x34 [5K, RiscOS].

In case that you appreciate the great comic artist Moebius, you may like to get this Major Grubert Backdrop [312K] for your RiscOS desktop.

© Xperience Media Arts, 1998