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is the second representative of the legis arte generation software and is intended to be the real RiscPC demö that The Xperience has announced for some time now. Being focussed on technical brilliance, era has been designed to set the standards in demö programming for 1997.

The Xperience recommends a RiscPC with StrongARM-processor and at least 1 MB of VRAM to fully enjoy this demö, but era can of course be watched on other RiscPCs, too. 6 MB of DRAM are required, though.

era has been presented at the first SILIconvention held at Easter 1997 in Bremen, Germany, and got released on 22nd of June. We promised the best - get it now!

era is available in two parts:

  • Main demö [1029K], and
  • additional graphics [573K]
  • The additional graphics are optional and are not needed to run the demo. In fact, without VRAM or without the SpriteExtend-module v0.99 or higher (as found in RISC OS 3.6), it will not be used anyway.
    Both archives have been ZIPped and can be decompressed using e.g. SparkPlug. Just decompress both archived into the same directory.

    © Xperience Media Arts, 1997