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- the classic 64K-intrö for your RiscPC - is still one of the most energetic demonstrations ever created on this platform. It has been released on 16th of April 1995, after the Fried Bits Easter Coding Convention 3, and marked up a revolution in demo design and cöding.

Elements of Blu have been copied many times, there are even some parodies available, and Blu is probably the world's only demo which has been cracked! (The hacker's intention was to make it run on old Archimedes machines, which really ruined the design.)
Some years have passed, and new hardware (particulary the StrongARM processor) had made it neccessary to re-compile Blu to adapt it to some special trouble-shooting matters that have arisen. Blu is now StrongARM-compatible, so you can get the best Blu ever available on this server.

Download 64K which changed the world! [55K]

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